Corpus is just Advanced HighTech and Data Driven Technologies focused company as consultant and contracting company with motto of “unique technology for unique needs” and consider high quality for engineering procurement and construction capabilities.

Since beginning of 19th Century and early 50’s Information Technology started to become part of business and international relations and since 80’s it also became part of daily life and it is getting more important each day. ITC (Information Technologies and Communication) and OT (Operation Technologies) have been developing and increasing since 1980’s in business process’ and now in early 21st Century ITC & OT get related to every/each sectors. Private and governmental entities. Especially with Internet of Things ITC & OT Sector get become more and more important and enlarged.

In this point “data” itself became a value and asset. For individuals personal data itself represents personal privacy, for commercial entities it is very valuable “information source” to increase activities and portfolio, for government it is key “source” for understanding exist criminal activities, and predicting potential threats. For intelligence services “data” mean much more than these definition(s). In this point Corpus International provides deep solution partnership to client portfolio. Regarding all technical developments, all related products creates “security gaps” and Corpus helps individuals and corporation to protect their data and infrastructure, evaluate and and use data and provides unique and individual solutions to governmental entities to utilize security gaps also advanced analytics solutions and platforms to combine and process closed information and OSINT sourced data.

Technological advancement created new conditions which increase value and importance of “information” and “knowledge” which basically created by data and main/core phenomenons for decision process. Corpus provides key solutions to influence decision process for all kinds of entities.

As a Technology Consulting & Contracting Company main activation field of Corpus is Technology based unique engineering services and in the/this field Corpus continues developing very strategic solutions including products and services. Services includes Design(ing), Engineering, Hardware and Software Procurement, Customization, Integration, Training, R&D.

Since establishment Corpus never has moved away from main focuses and get far away from the focuses and invested as very consistent Technology Contracting Company.