Encryption & Decryption.

Cryptography has been used for thousand years in order to keep secure the information and protect sensitive data. Until mid 20th Century it has been used and utilized by only state/government and since 1950’s it started to be used and utilized by individuals. It created privacy for individual and gray area for legal structure. It is pure protection for people who encrypt and keep their data and information safe but completely a gap for individual and entities who keep criminal data encrypted. In this point government need decryption options for forensic and counter espionage and also for espionage.

Corpus provides advances solutions to only government and governmental entities strategic decryption solutions and services with professional team and network.

Password Cracking

Password Cracking is a s subbranch of cryptanalysis and cyber security which is basically includes recovering of the password. It is not completely defined as decryption but also part of it. Usually it is a common approach of blue force attacks. In general it requires attack Dictionary Attack, Brute-Force Guessing Attacks, Hybrid Attacks, Customized/Engineered Attacks).

It is a unique process and requires methodology and deep understanding and not provided only by any on the shelf products. Each case is unique and individual and investigator should be trained very well. We as Corpus provided advanced training services in our US and Israel based labs.

Database & Network Security


Decision Support Systems


Critical Infrastructures


Big Data

Governmental entities lives DSF (Data Storage Failure) and BDSF (Big Data Storage Failure) cases always (not very often but pretty occasionally). In this cases there are two main problems to solve. 1. Recovering the data and bringing back the loss data and rebuilding configuration in order to continue function of the entity.

Corpus provides advanced Data Recovery services and products and solutions for Data Storage Failure cases. Each/every case are individual and in this content the case starts with detail analysis of the case and also understand the reason. Sometimes failures comes with an attack (more importantly internal attacks).

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is the case for many governmental entities sand needs, especially intelligence services. Corpus provides advanced reverse engineering services including research, design, redesign, customization, replication also production and development with advanced solution partners.

Data Recovery&Data Destruction

Data Recovery is a very complex process which needs data conversation most of the time. Corpus provides advanced recovery solutions including mapping, standardization, intersection on Encrypted Data, Ransom Viruses, etc.

Data destruction is another issue for most of the entities including governmental, commercial and also individuals. There is two main scope of the data destruction. Destruction of HW and Destruction of Data (without harming HW). Both are very different and requires non-recyclable data destruction structure. For each cases confusing data is the main obligation and Corpus has very unique and patented confusing technology which provides a key step just before destruction. Regarding multistage confusing the data will be destructed and even there will be any recovery the data will be very confused; but until now no destructed data (including and excluding hardware) could recovered.

Airplane Black Boxes

Airplane black boxes are electronic recording devises which includes a hardware structure and a software. And creates serious data and information on/about investigation of aviation accidents and incidents. Corpus provides FDR(Flight Data Recorder) and CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) as partner of the best producers.

For military cases Corpus also provides advances customized and engineered black box solutions.

Also provides black box case investigation services via international partners which specialized on only black box development and analysis.